Privacy & Cookie Policy

Privacy & Cookie Policy


We are really honoured about your interest in our Company and we are very glad that you have spent some time on our new internet page.
When you travel on our internet page we take a lot of care about the protection of your personal data.
In the next points we will vive you all the information on how we use your personal data and the purpose of that usage.
The privacy law and our company policy prevede!!! That after your registration you have to be informed about the use and the conservation of your personal data.we kindly ask you to carefully read this document when visiting our page.
1) Information
This Information on data protection is applied to the content of the web site owned by “Associazione Camperisti di Monzambano” located in via degli Alpini 9/a – 46040 Monzambano (MN) Italy- that can be recalled in the following website http//www. ( named in the following Pages “our website”).
2) What do we mean with personal data?
Personal data are Information that can be used for commercial purpose and/or simply to enable us to contact you ( for example name , address, phone number and e mail address). Information that cannot connect us directly to you cannot be considered personal Information.
3) Which data are considered ? It is possibile to use the greater part of our website without giving and personal data.
If you use one of the contact forms, we ask you your name, your phone number and your e mail address. It is up to you to give us further Information.
Anyway, without these details we will not be able to satisfy your questions and we will not be able to offer you the services you require.
You can give us any other Information you consider necessary.
Whenever you send us an e mail your personal data will be used only in our e mail exchanges .
You can be absolutely sure that no Information will be shared with third parta without your consent.
4) Use of personal data.
We use your data, that we collect by contact form or e mail only to give you a big range of products and services through our website for the Information you require.
We do not use your personal data for other purposes and we do not transmit your data to third parts for commercial use.
5) Use of data in anonymous form/ Use of cookie/ Google analytics.
With this survey we do not get personal data. We simply memorie data in anonymous form on our statistic server and we relate to the info that we get during your journey on our website. This data allow us to give a variety of services and are used for statistic and evaluation purposes.
In the process we register general Information ad the time you visited our website, with What frequency, from Which nation , Which and how many Pages are more frequently visited etc. Etc.
For this purpose we use the so called ” cookies” ( small text files with configuration Information).
Cookies are specially used to know how often the web site is used and how many people visit our website.
In this way we can understand Which Pages are more frequently visited and Which Pages are majorly object of interest by our customers.
None of these anonimously collected data is matched with personal data of point 3 , and none of them allow us to trace a report for a single user but they allow us to have a General statistic image for a certain period. At the end of this statistic evaluation , all data will be cancelled from the system.
The great part of browsers are Made in the way that cookies are automatically accepted . At contrari you can deactivate cookies or program your browser so that the user is informed before cookies are memorized.
Sometimes users Who do not accept cookies arte not able to acceed to some areas of our website.
This website uses WordPress, HTML, PHP, MYSQL, JQery and CSS.
For any Information on every single application you can visit the websites.
This website uses Google Analytics , a web analysis site provided by Google,Inc. (“Google”).
Google Analytics uses the so called “cookies” , textfiles that arte deposited on your computer and that permit to analyze how you use the site.
Informations generated by cookies on how the website is used ( included your IP address) will be transfered to a Google server in the Usa and memorized.
Google uses these Informations to analyze how the website is used, in order to prepare report on the activities of the website for the operators of the website and to give other services connected to the use of internet and website.
Moreover Google can transfer these Informations to third parts when is allowed by law and when third parts treat these Informations for Google.
Google can never link your IP address to any data owned by Google.
It is possibile to forbid that data are installed by ordering it to your browser. We need to inform that if You choose to do that You will not be able to use fully all the site functions.
Using the present site You agree to the process of data acquisition by Google in the way and with the purposes above described.
In every moment You have the possibility to cancel your consent to Google analytics to take and use your IP address.
For further information visit
Please be conscious that Google Analytics has put the code ” gat_anonymizelp()” to this site to guarantee that IP addresses are collected in anonymous form.
6) Safety measures to protect data memorized on our site.
We can certainly affirm that personal information You give us trough our website of in your email are safe.
We guarantee that your privacy is protected and that your personal data too according to the law n. 675 of 31 december 1996 for the protection of personal data.
We use wide technical protections to avoid every loss of data.
We regulary check this measures with our internal process.
7) Ipertextual links to other websites.
We have added the so called ipertextual links on our webpages that direct to other websites of other services.
If you click on these ipertextual links , you will be directed from our website to a service website and you can see the change in the URL address , where we are not able to inform you about the treatment of your data.
This reguards particulary,,, for these websites you have to catch information about the treatment and conservation of you data.
8) Information about the state and elimination of your personal data.
We register only the data you give us that can allow us to contact you only for the period permitted by law.
On demand, we will be glad to communicate you If your personal data are in our archive and that , in despite of our efforts of correctly memorizing your data , they are not corresponding to the truth, we will provide to correct them immediately; anyway you can ask the cancellation of data that we have memorized with an email to the address .
When it will not be possibile to eliminate these Information for legal causes , data will be excluded from the archive. Anyway you have to notice that If data are cancelled we will not be able to keep offering the services as described in This document.
In case Of necessity please contact
Associazione Camperisti Monzambano
Via degli Alpini 9/A-46040 Monzambano (mn) italy
Tel + 39 33441580937
9) Protection and responsabilty of data.
If You have any question or suggestion about the Procedure of Protection of your data in our company, do not esitate to contact our responsible for treatment and Protection of data in :
Sede legale via del fante 27 46040 Monzambano (mn) italy
P.iva 02275610208- c.f. 90015400204


What is a cookie and what is its purpose?
A cookie is a small file that is sent to the browser and saved on your device when you visit a website.
Cookies allow the site to function efficiently and improve its services, in addition to providing information to the site owner for statistical or advertising purposes, primarily to personalize your navigation experience by remembering your preferences (for example, remembering the language and currency you set, in order to recognize you at the next visit, etc.)

Which cookies do we use and for what purposes?
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Functional cookies
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If you have added items into your Shopping Bag and closed the session without completing the purchase and without eliminating those items, these cookies allow you to continue the shopping experience the next time you access the website (within a limited period,) finding the same articles that were selected.
Functional cookies are not essential to the functioning of the website, but rather improve navigation quality and experience.

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How can I disable cookies and manage my preferences?
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